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4 Exciting Things To Do In Penang

4 Exciting Things To Do In Penang

Penang has always been a popular destination for a good time. In the past, curious travellers from all over the world ended up settling in Penang, establishing the multi-cultural heritage that makes the state unique and popular. Pack your bags and secure that travel insurance, as here are four exciting things that you can do to have a great time in the Pearl of the Orient!

Enjoy Delicious Penang Street Food

Always a foodie destination, Penang is sure to satiate your cravings for hawker foods. With all the types of food with their own heritage and stories. Head to Lebuh Carnarvon to get a good bowl of Penang Hokkien Mee and White Coffee to give your day a head start. If you’re looking for roti canai with a whole chicken’s leg in decadent gravy, Transfer Road’s iconic stall will have you dreaming of flaky flatbreads and delicious curries for days after.

Breathtaking Views from Penang Hill

Penang Hill is less than 10km from Georgetown, meaning you’re only a short drive to experiencing breezy air and the best view of Penang Island. With a tiny fee and a ride on the funicular train, enjoy the view of the island from 833 metres from sea level. For the best sight of the horizon and city, go to Penang Hill at 4pm. Take in the gorgeous view and get some photos of the afternoon horizon and attractions on the hill.

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Have Fun At The Beach in Batu Ferringhi

What is an island getaway without a day on the beach? Batu Ferringhi consists of a long stretch of soft, white sandy beach with a host of accommodation and dining options nearby. The night market here is quite legendary as vendors would sell everything, from street food to antiques and collectables. The beaches here are clean and breezy so it’s perfect for a weekend of relaxation and fun activities like snorkelling and swimming. 

Explore Local History and Heritage at the Clan Jetties

As part of the Penang Heritage Trail, a visit to these jetties sheds light on the history, heritage and lifestyle of locals and the generations before them. Considered as one of the last bastions of old Chinese settlements, this waterfront society is home to houses on stilts of various Chinese clans. There are six of these, with Chew Jetty being the most tourist-friendly with the most stilt-houses, the longest walkway and a temple that is worth stopping by.


There’s never a dull moment when you’re on vacation in Penang. Explore a variety of food and heritage trails as well as incredible views from beaches and hilltops. Before you head over to this island up north, don’t forget AIG’s travel insurance to protect yourself from any sudden incidents. Click here https://www.aig.my/personal/travel/travel-insurance to see how you can get worldwide and 24-hour coverage with AIG!