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About JIN

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Introduction: what is JIN ?

JIN, the Job Information Network is a free career center offered since 1999 by the European Society for Animal Cell Technology (www.esact.org). a not-for-profit scientific society.

JIN is aiming to be a collection of positions and personnel available worldwide in the field of Animal Cell Culture and Technology.
Companies, Universities and Research Institutes can post any job vacancies they have in this field.
Individuals can submit their resume and directly forward it for job positions advertised on this site.
A comprehensive list of all actual vacancies is a just a click away!

The type of positions which are suitable for JIN are described below.

The main intention of JIN by ESACT is to help the recent graduate of the animal cell culture field as well as the experienced practitioner find an adequate job within his/her area of expertise. By advertising job vacancies in animal cell culture and technology, academic institutions and industry benefit from this service in that they can expect to reach a pool of highly qualified individuals at no cost!

From its beginning in January 1999 until March 2004, JIN advertised about 300 highly specialised positions. In March 2004, JIN was upgraded to offer a better service and many new features.

Job submission process

- To publish a job vacancy or a resume, it is first necessary to subscribe. Please see our Privacy Statement if you are conernced about our use of personal information.
- Jobs and resumes submitted to JIN are evaluated by an editor before they are published on the site.
- Visitors who wish to apply for a particular job need only to click the "Apply for this Job" button and enter their information online, which is forwarded by email to the job provider.
- Registered individuals can choose to hide their resume and parts of their personal information from the public view and allow them to be seen only by the institutions they have chosen to contact.

By submitting information to JIN by ESACT, you agree with JIN's rules and the terms of use.

Jobs which may be advertised on JIN

All jobs involving at least a tangential use of animal cell culture technology, from the utmost upstream (expression systems for recombinant protein production) to downstream processing of cell culture broths and analytical testing of the recombinant protein of interest. This also includes validation of cell culture equipment and processes and regulatory issues. Positions in this field can range from practical training and diploma/doctoral studentships to professor positions, post-doctoral positions, various research positions, technical consulting, industrial scientist/engineer positions, laboratory or group managers all the way to department heads and upper management positions in companies involved with animal cell culture. Some sales positions may also be adequate as long as they deal directly with products used in cell culture.

Jobs not acceptable on JIN

Unethical/illegal positions (for example in the development of weapons or weapons of mass destruction), jobs that make unethical/redundant use of laboratory animals, assorted sales positions, clinical trial managers, business consultant or venture capital analyst positions, investment banking positions and any other positions not related to animal cell culture.


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