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Can Endocrine chemicals (EDC) Cause Autism?

Can Endocrine chemicals (EDC) Cause Autism?

Talking about autism, it has been many years for experts to find the cause of autism. Researchers say autism disorders may be related to brain structure and brain function instability.

However, recent studies have revealed something that makes sense and can make parents more worried. This also gets all the attention around autism Malaysia where it rose the worries in parents especially the young parent with newborn baby.

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What is the cause of autism? An expert has found the answer

Although many studies have been carried out, the most common cause of autism is still the cause of “headaches”.

The frequently asked question is “what is the true cause of autism?”

Experts reject the link between autism disorders and vaccines. But there are also studies linking the mother’s diabetes level to an increased risk of autism.

In fact, other pregnancy and birth factors such as fever and undergoing ultra scans in the first trimester are also said to be the cause of autism.

However, a specialist has found something very surprising!

Dr. Harvey Karp, a doctor and pediatric counselor has developed a theory that he believes can uncover the secrets of autism.

According to her at the Healthy Child Healthy World and Environment event, the exposure of pregnant women to certain chemicals, such as endocrine chemicals (EDCs) is actually very dangerous.

The plastic bottle that causes autism?

Endocrine chemicals (EDCs) are widely available in home products or products. Is EDC really the cause of autism?

Plastic water bottles, canned foods and baby milk bottles are among the items containing BPA and phthalates. CPA and phthalates are one example of EDC.

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According to the World Health Organization, EDCs can alter and affect human reproductive function. In fact, it can also increase the risk of breast cancer, affecting the growth and immune system of children.

“Every individual is exposed to the dangers of BPA because they are always near us. Examples are like phthalates contained in new plastic products and cars, “ – Dr. Karp.

How can EDC cause autism?

Hormones can control the brain’s signals. However, EDCs can enter the minds of small babies, or infants, and change their brain development.

The hormones in both men and women are different. If you want to know, autism is more likely to attack boys than girls.

However, Dr. Karp revealed that he still didn’t give up. He will continue to study this until he finds the answer.

How can parents avoid BPA in plastic bottles?

You not only have to worry about BPA but BPS as well. BPS – one of the other alternatives to BPA is equally dangerous!

Occasionally, there are some products that label it “BPA-free”. However, it may still contain BPS!

What parents should do:

  • Do not buy canned fruits or vegetables. Tin contains BPA or BPS. Buy fresh fruit or vegetables
  • Buy silicone-based products – it’s BPA and BPS free
  • Avoid plastic products labeled # 7 as they may be BPA-free, but still contain BPS