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NIBRT Principal Investigator

Institution NIBRT
City Dublin
Country Ireland
Job Title NIBRT Principal Investigator
Description The role of Principal Investigator (PI) at NIBRT requests extensive research experience and proven management and administration skills. NIBRT PI’s should be, or show clear potential to become, recognised leaders in their respective fields based on demonstrated independent research excellence and expertise in their specific discipline and aligned to the overall research goals of the Institute.

NIBRT PI’s will be expected to assume leading roles in personal and collaborative research projects, to National and non-Exchequer funding bodies. NIBRT PI’s will also be required to balance their basic and applied research and, in addition to attracting funding from traditional sources as outlined above, will also be expected to initiate, build and maintain collaborations with industry partners to assist the Institute in fulfilling its mandate of developing facilitated solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry.

NIBRT PI’s will also provide leadership that will contribute to the strategic development, success and output of their departments and the wider Institute. NIBRT PI’s will also be expected to make a wider contribution to the overall success of the Institute through participation in management activities, associated business operations such as the development training offerings or business development within the contract research operations of the organisation.

NIBRT PI’ are also expected to act as ambassadors for the Institute in all their activities, including but not limited to, conference participation, industry liaison, public engagement and publication in both high impact academic journals and wider non-specialist subject related press.

This position will complement the research group’s overall expertise in either Upstream Processing, Downstream Processing, Bioprocessing Engineering, Analytics/Characterisation or Bioinformatics/Data analytics.

The focus will be on areas of greatest Industry challenge including: cell culture engineering, downstream processing, technology solutions for process efficiency challenges and targeted towards real solutions for industry, ideally TRL (Technology Readiness Level) 4-7 research.

Category Research
Keywords Principal Investigator
Education • A PhD and a sustained track record of research excellence as demonstrated through publication within an area of scientific alignment to the activities of the Institute.
• Required to be an externally (nationally or internationally) recognised authority in the subject area.
Experience • Hold or have held within the past five years one research grant as an independent or lead applicant.
• A track record of student mentorship and research team management
Work experience Hold or have held within the past five years one research grant as an independent or lead applicant.
• A track record of student mentorship and research team management
Primary Language English
Secondary Language  
Other Requirements Research:
• Maintain a portfolio of high-quality and original research activity.
• Play a leading role in research projects at the regional/national/international level.
• Contribute to the development of research strategies within the Institute.
• Demonstrate a clear personal strategy and vision for the realisation of scientifically excellent research.

Funding and Research Income:
• Lead personal and collaborative research funding bids and research teams.
• Maintain and further develop links with external contacts, such as other higher educational and research bodies, industry, professional bodies and other providers of funding and research initiatives, to foster collaboration and generate income.
• Make a significant contribution to the research income of the Institute.

Research Management:
• Provide scientific direction to associated research team.
• Manage own research resources (including, where required, laboratories and specialist equipment) appropriately.
• Act as a line and resource manager to associated research team.
• Appropriate supervision of students.

Research Dissemination:
• Contribute to patents/commercial application as appropriate.
• Disseminate research findings on a sustained basis in reputable refereed (national/international) publications/conferences, etc.
• Publish general interest articles in associated but non specialist media to assist with the building of reputation for the Institute
Service outside of the Institute:
• Lead and develop collaborative networks.
• Maintain and develop a link with a partner Higher Educational Institute and participate in teaching and professional activities as required under such an agreement.
• Take significant responsibility in conference preparation, e.g. chairing sessions, presentation of plenary papers, editorial review of conference papers, etc. through professional invitation and own initiative.
• Sustained contribution and strategic involvement in the development of professional bodies for the continual expansion of the biopharmaceutical industry.
Service inside of the Institute:
• Be responsible for organisation of own activities and the management of allocated resources.
• Contribute to the organisation of the wider Department and the Institute, including but not limited to, areas such as budget management and business planning, including making decisions on resource application.
• Provide appropriate advice and support to colleagues, e.g. identification and assistance with business development within NIBRT’s Training and Contract Research departments.
• Participate in the management activities of the Institute as required.
• Contribute to the Institute’s strategic planning processes.
• Sustained contribution to promotion and marketing the activities of the Institute in the subject area, e.g. host national/international conferences.
• Develop and manage staff and resources.

Policy & Standards:
• Responsible for quality, audit and other external assessments in own areas of responsibility as directed by CEO.
• Have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the policy, practices and procedures relevant to the role, including but not limited to commercial awareness, research ethics, patents, intellectual property rights, health and safety and equal opportunities.
• Take responsibility for conducting risk assessments and reducing hazards in associated research laboratories.
Comments NIBRT is keen to explore these exciting opportunities with interested parties. We envisage these could be full time employed posts or joint appointments or some other engagement format.

We envisage that interested parties may, subject to joint agreement be able to continue to participate in other external endeavours. Interested parties should send an up to date Curriculum Vitae and cover letter detailing their specific area of interest to:
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