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Latest Insurance Services Offers by AIG

Latest Insurance Services Offers by AIG

Being one of the main pioneers of insurance services in Malaysia for longer than 60 years, AIG serves the country through providing quality delivery by way of insurance and risk management solutions. From the day the building blocks is laid down in 1953, AIG’s consistent development produced a consistent growth in their own individual network of agents, brokers, and scheme, with now well over 15 offices opened nationwide.

Perfect Insurance Services

Personal Insurance

AIG knows well that in managing the uncertain future, not a single thing more encouraging than having proper insurance into position. So, they’ve already offered different packages that will be that can accommodate the both companies’ and personal individuals’ needs.

Possessing a property registered under one’s name is usually terrifying without insurance protection, considering that it could cause a big loss in the event the unwanted happens. Hence, the Malaysian government makes it compulsory to buying a home or car insurance whenever individuals obtain a car possibly a house. On the insurer’s side like AIG, they are doing their thing by making certain that the clients are fully covered from many risks that has been commonly connected with cars and properties.

Setting homes aside, personal health and wellbeing will also be another aspect individuals should concentrate on. In this particular aspect, educating the community with regard to the value of medical insurance will be a real challenge. Nevertheless, this does not stop AIG’s agents from making effort in order to boost awareness. Now, their effort has begun to display some positive outcome, simply because numbers of a personal medical insurance policy purchased by Malaysian citizens grow exponentially from year to year.

As a result of a powerful economic growth and cheaper traveling costs across nations, individuals travel more for business and leisure. Making “let us “jaga” you on your trip” their tagline, all AIG wished to do would be to supply you with a complete insurance coverage to make certain that individuals can travel that includes a consolation, to fully understand that they have the whole thing covered.

Empowering Businesses With The Right Insurance

For corporations, AIG features a adaptive risk management policy that can help them protect their business from unforseen losses. They are simply at liberty to enroll in any sort of insurance, particularly the property insurance, manufacturing related insurance, insurance based on financial lines, or perhaps even group employee benefit insurance within their employees’ medical & health benefit with AIG.

The concept to give a customizable plan is attributable to AIG’s understanding different businesses from various sectors, including those in education, professions, hospitality & leisure, import & export, communications, or media & technology industry, have different risk management needs. Don’t forget, they will also be informed that scale matters, and as a consequence AIG has additionally released SME Package that will help protect small establishments with budget friendly subscription plan.

Through AIG Malaysia’s website, individuals and corporations can get info about the support offered in addition to obtain a quote upon supplying important information. Dependant on their needs, customers could perhaps obtain a private meeting with nearby agents and much more for an even more information regarding AIG’s product or service.


Recently, AIG Malaysia has gone the extra mile to embrace e-commerce when they make their insurance subscription offered on Lazada Malaysia. This would ultimately bring convenience to subscribers as they are able to have their insurance activated around 72 hrs, and it’s also seen as a smart approach of getting in touch with the target audience electronically. Find more about AIG at https://www.aig.my/personal.