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Learn Spanish with these Spanish Podcasts!

Learn Spanish with these Spanish Podcasts!

Podcasts are an excellent tool for learning many things, especially a new language. Spanish podcasts are great if you want to learn Spanish but don’t really have many Spanish-speaking friends to practice the language with you. Supplementing your regular Spanish lessons with these podcasts would get you into speaking the language fluently in no time!

Discover Spanish 

For beginners who are just starting out with the language, Discover Spanish is a great podcast to support your Spanish journey. They’re a fun and simple-to-understand podcast to get the ball rolling. Each episode is about 15 minutes long, and they’re hosted by Jonny from Miami, Florida. His energetic delivery and casual lessons make this podcast one of the best ones to listen when you’re just starting to learn Spanish. 

Coffee Break Spanish

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Coffee Break Spanish is one of the most significant shows in the Spanish language podcast circuit. They have episodes and content geared for both beginners and intermediate Spanish learners. Their content is engaging and exciting since they incorporate stories and topics that are relevant. For learners who are already more comfortable and familiar with the language, you may start listening to more recent episodes. These have more advanced content and sentence structures to challenge you slightly.


Here’s something for more advanced learners of Spanish. Espanolistos is hosted by Andrea and Nate, and for 30 minutes they talk in Spanish about Latin America, learning Spanish and more. The podcast tackles some fascinating issues like tourist destinations in Argentina to Spanish movies that Spanish learners should watch. Since the episodes are conducted entirely in Spanish, they might be too difficult for newer learners. However, advanced learners would find Espanolistos helpful since they keep it educational but also insightful. 


These podcasts are great resources for you to supplement your Spanish learning experience. They’re engaging, exciting and most definitely educational for every Spanish learner, regardless of level. If you’re looking for formal and more interactive Spanish lessons, check out this Spanish learning centre run by native speakers here https://www.spanishworldgroup.com/my/