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Masters in Chemical Engineering, Specialization Biochemical Engineering

Name Vijay Krishna
Address #Bernstorffslund Alle 70, 2920 Charlottenlund
2920 Copenhagen
Telephone 45-20205980
Web http://www.geocities.com/krisbodla
Presentation I am a well organized, detail oriented individual with excellent analytical and problem solving skills. I thrive on new challenges and my innovative approach to systems and improvement, along with my drive to learn, will prove to be an asset to my employer. I would soon be completing my masters program from a prestigious university along with professional and project experience.

I am presently working with NovoNordisk A/S Denmark doing my masters thesis work will finish in June 2007. I am working with various departments of the company in studying the scale-up capabilities of all the fermentors in the departments. I am a masters student at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Please find my masters thesis project along with all other projects at my personal web address, www.geocities.com/krisbodla. The focus of my masters has been primarily in the areas of Bioprocess Engineering. An individual, step-by-step, and the global analysis of the processes w.r.t modeling, design, simulation, analysis, optimization and control of processes is the core of most of my projects you can find at my personal web address. The masters program in DTU has been a lot helpful to me to hone my skills working in a team and leading the team to successful projects which I would consider a valuable asset for working in an organization. I hold a bachelors degree from University college of Technology, Osmania University in India.

I have throughout my student career been active in various extra curricular activities, putting my analytical/logical thinking abilities and leadership skills to test. I have been an active participant in the student group at KT-DTU, SBE-DTU in conducting technical events, barbeque parties and games. I have presented technical and research papers at National level Technical Symposiums in the third year and the final year of my bachelors. I was also an active participant in conducting technical symposiums and games. I won prizes at inter-college chess tournaments and participated in inter-university chess tournaments. My present thesis work combined with my education and past experiences as a research assistant, process engineer and moderator and my unique abilities will enable me to contribute significantly towards exhilarating in my career. I hope to grow as a complete professional whose capabilities lead to the overall growth of the organization.
Degree Masters in Chemical Engineering, Specialization Biochemical Engineering
Publications Masters Thesis topic - "Evaluation of the scale-up potential of all the mammalian cell fermenters within NovoNordisk"

For a complete list of my projects and grades please refer to my website www.geocities.com/krisbodla
Current employer NovoNordisk
Current position Internee
Working experience 1 year(s)
Availability Jul 01, 2007
1998 Bachelors in Chemical Engineering
Osmania University, hyderabad, India
2004 Masters in Chemical Engineering
Denmarks Technical University
Previous positions
2002 - 2003 Graduate Engineer Trainee
HBLnife power systems ltd.
2003 - 2004 Process Engineer
Hymavathi Nandan Nitarte Pvt. Ltd.
2003 - 2003 Site Moderator / Team Member
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