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Shaving essentials in a box: A Shaves2U review

Shaving essentials in a box: A Shaves2U review

Shaving is a part of my daily routine. It’s a task that I do after I wake up and before I go out of the door and face the world. Needless to say, shaving has become an important aspect of my life.

I’m particular with my shaving tools and products, so when I heard about a company called Shaves2U that managed to packaged the essential shaving products in a small box, I was skeptical.

However, curiosity got the better of me, and it wasn’t long until the Awesome Shave Kit that I ordered arrived at my doorstep. (I’ve decided to skip the trial version because I wanted to get the full experience.)

Inside the Awesome Shave Kit

I ordered the Awesome Shave Kit with the 6 Blade Pack because that’s what the website suggested if I want an “ultimate smooth finish every day.” Besides the five pieces of blade cartridges, the kit has a swivel handle, a tube of shaving cream, and a smaller tube of after shave cream.

shaves2u review

Putting it to the test

My experiment with this kit lasted for a month, and here’s what I’ve concluded:

  • – The blades are sharp and shaving the hair off my face has never been easier
  • – The handle is flexible and reaches all the difficult spots with ease
  • – The shaving cream is soothing on my skin and very satisfying to shave with the razor
  • – The aftershave cream is something I look forward to every time I shave as it feels very refreshing and lasts throughout the day

Other observations I’ve gathered from the website:

  • – If I keep up with the subscription plan, I’ll never have to leave the house to shop for supplies ever again
  • – I’ve compared the cost of the shave kit and the other popular brands: Shaves2U’s product is cheaper in the long run
  • – Shaves2U allows you to customize your plan to however way you want: the choices of blades, the refill frequency, the choice of shaving cream

My verdict

I was doubtful of this company in Malaysia, but their product proved me wrong. I wish other Malaysians won’t repeat my mistake and give this brand a try, because I find my change to Shaves2U has improved my quality of life.