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Should you get a full-size, mid-size, or compact SUV?

Should you get a full-size, mid-size, or compact SUV?

Sport-utility vehicles (SUV) are larger-framed cars designed to carry more people and load. It’s an excellent choice for large-sized families or if you need to move a lot of items. But did you know there are different types of SUV sizes?

More specifically, there are full-size, mid-size and compact SUVs. Each size has their benefits, and it depends on your preference on which car suits you.

Continue reading to find out which size you should get!


This type is the largest of the SUVs, and they have more gear and features. A full-size SUV has three rows of seats that can carry seven to eight passengers. These vehicles also usually have a V6 or a V8 engine.

You can consider getting a full-size SUV if you need to bring people around or you like going on road trips. Examples of full-size SUVs are the Dodge and the Ford Expedition.

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Mid-size SUVs are like how they’re called, smaller than full-size SUVs but larger than compact SUVs. They are fit for four to five people with extra space for your stuff. These V6 engines powered vehicles have space and their large wheels provide higher ground clearance.

These SUVs are perfect for drivers that want comfort, style and capability. Hyundai Santa Fe and Ford Edge are some of the mid-size SUVs you can find in the market.

Compact size

The smallest of the three sizes, compact SUVs are great for adventures but on a small scale. An I-4 engine powers these cars, and they are available with an all-wheel-drive system.

If you’re looking for the fun of an SUV but don’t need all the space, get a compact SUV! The Chevy Equinox and the Mitsubishi ASX are some excellent choices of compact SUVs.


The SUV of your dreams depends on your needs and preferences. Think carefully about your lifestyle choices before choosing a full-size, mid-size, or a compact SUV.

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