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Work Values and Ethics Recruiters Should Look For

Work Values and Ethics Recruiters Should Look For

Your company has an empty vacancy, and it is your responsibility as the hiring manager to fill it. Besides the job position and its qualification, what else should you look for in a potential new employee when you post your job ad on Jobstreet?

You can refer to resumes or records to see a candidate’s past working experiences, but you can’t determine their qualities or traits at first glance. A recruiter must find out if the candidates possess the necessary work ethics that will benefit the company.

Here are some of the work values you should look for when you’re hiring:


Having a positive and optimistic person in the company can be beneficial, especially when things don’t go well as planned or when spirits are low in the company. Their enthusiasm will raise morale and motivate others to move on and improve themselves. The environment positive people also makes going to work more fun and pleasant.

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The best kind of relationships is built on mutual trust. If your employees are dishonest and don’t value integrity, not only will the workplace suffer within, but it will also ruin the relationship with your customers. It is crucial that you look for employees that can use their sense of morals when working and serving others.


Unlike the past where employees start their career and retire with the same company, job hopping is becoming more common these days. You want to find an employee that won’t be easily swayed by other opportunities, but you’ll also need to gain their loyalty by developing their skills and growth.


Everyone likes a confident person. They dare to speak, act and take risks if it means improving themselves. They are also not afraid to make mistakes and own them. Even if they may not be the most qualified, a confident person can go a long way with their strong faith in themselves.


Instead of reluctantly accepting change, a flexible employee will treat it as a challenge. The ability to adapt to work and people is a useful trait, and it makes completing new work easier and more efficient.


These qualities and traits may seem obvious, but an employee with all of these traits are hard to come by. Create an organisation that values these qualities, and there’s nothing you can’t do.

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